Mrs. Read is a character made by Burnt Offerings Fanatic EDCP. She was founded by the creator David Gorine. She is also Lucy Tyler's most liked character.

Appearence: Edit

She has the appearence of a Pretty Girl Comedy World character.

Personality: Edit

Mrs. Read is very sweet but can be a coward at times. She is shown to be very smug and flirty. But she is a nice person.

1st Appearence: Edit

She first appeared in the 1st GoAnimate Pictures logo.

Trivia: Edit

1. Mrs. Read is shown to hate Archer much like her friend with a burning passion.

2. Mrs. Read's favorite movie is Burnt Offerings.

3. Mrs. Read's favorite TV show is The Affair.

4. Mrs. Read's favorite song is any song romantic.

5. Mrs. Read's boyfriend was revealed in Mrs. Read and Kate's Boyfriends.

6. According to My Hatred of Archer, she is shown to hate that show.

7. According to My Hatred of Monkey Shines, Mrs. Read gets scared easily watching that film. 

8. According to The Reads Trivia:

          1. She was born with a rare condition which was only cured by losing a ton of weight, making her very skinny.

        2. She gets ungrounded because she is a most liked character.

      3. She met a ton of people before and they were declared either her best friend or an enemy.

9. As shown in Lobo Forces Mrs. Read to Watch Monkey Shines and Get Grounded, she was the victim of Lobo. 

10. In the video Octivian Makes a Grounded Video Out of Mrs. Read and Kate and Get Grounded, Octivian used her and Kate's fake parents which consists of a Ugly Woman and Static and Ugly Woman v2 and Roscoe and made their voices Diesel and Kate and Steven and Emma but they only had a mom each and their voices are Grace and Veena each.

11. Mrs. Read and Kate doesn't have a dad. While they were alive, their voices were Paul and Alan. When Mrs. Read was only 4 years old and Kate was only 5 years old, their moms divorced their dads. When Mrs. Read was 15 and Kate was 16, their dads had lung cancer and liver failure and were in a coma. Then when Mrs. Read was a young adult and Kate was still a teen, their dads died when their dads were elders. 

12. Since Bridget is a moms voice, when she was 3 months-13 years old, her voice was Salli, when she was 13 years-18 years old, her voice was Julie, and when she was 18 and older, her voice became Bridget.

13. Her full name is Kimbette June Read. However, she hates it when everyone calls her by Kimbette, so everyone calls her by Mrs. Read.

Relatives: Edit

Veena ( mom )- Voiced by herself

Grace ( aunt )- Voiced by herself

Kate ( sister )- Voiced by herself

Paul ( deceased dad )- Voiced by himself Cause of death: Lung cancer

Alan ( deceased uncle )- Voiced by himself Cause of death: Liver failure

Brian ( boyfriend )- Voiced by himself

Eric ( cousin )- Voiced by himself

Video Appearences Belongs Here! Edit

1. The 1994 GoAnimate Pictures Logo ( debut )

2. Other GoAnimate Pictures Logos

3. Lobo Forces Mrs. Read to Watch Monkey Shines and Get Grounded

4. Octivian Makes a Grounded Video Out of Mrs. Read and Kate and Get Grounded

5. My Hatred of Archer

6. My Hatred of Monkey Shines

7. The Lazy Villagers Get Grounded

8. Mrs. Read and Kate Does Not Have Boyfriends

9. Mrs. Read and Kate's Boyfriends

10. Fired for Watching Archer

11. Suspended for Watching Monkey Shines ( non-speaking cameo )

12. Roscoe Traps People In a Pitfall Seed and Get Grounded

13. W/R/C/R/M/L/M/P Sends Their Family to Toon Town ( mentioned ) Full Title: Walt, Rooney, Croque, Roscoe, Mathilda, Lobo, Monique, and Pancetti Sends Their Family To Toon Town

14. Escape from Jail 

15. Insolence from Static 

16. Static Tries to Kiss Mrs. Reed

17. Static Gets 2 Girls Pregant/Grounded

 and more!